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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Setting Proxy pada firefox dan Internet explorer

Semenjak berlakunya gempabumi di Taiwan pada akhir tahun lepas, nak browsing internet pun
punyalah payah. Nasib baik ada fungsi proxy pada browser.

video di bawah menunjukkan cara setting proxy

berikut adalah perisian proxy popular

  • The Squid cache is a popular HTTP proxy server in the UNIX/Linux world.*
  • The HTTP-Tunnel is a popular SOCKS proxy server and Client for Windows.*
  • The Apache HTTP Server can be configured to act as a proxy server.
  • Blue Coat's (formerly Cacheflow's) purpose-built SGOS proxies 15 protocols including HTTPS/SSL, has an extensive policy engine and runs on a range of appliances from branch-office to enterprise.
  • WinGate is a multi-protocol proxy server and NAT solution that can be used to redirect any kind of traffic on a Microsoft Windows host. It also provides firewall, VPN and mail server functionality. Its WWW proxy supports integrated windows authentication, intercepting proxy, and multi-host reverse-proxying.
  • Privoxy is a free, open source web proxy with privacy features
  • Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server is a product that runs on Windows 2000/2003 servers and combines the functions of both a proxy server and a firewall.
  • Tor - A proxy-based anonymizing Internet communication system
  • Proxomitron - User-configurable web proxy used to re-write web pages on the fly. Most noted for blocking ads, but has many other useful features.
  • PHProxy is a Web HTTP proxy programmed in PHP to bypass firewalls and other proxy restrictions through a Web interface very similar to the popular CGIProxy.
  • SJSWebProxy (SunMicrosystems) is a proxy server for HTTP and HTTPS (CONNECT) requests. It can also serve as a gateway for Ftp and Gopher traffic. It is also free for download.
  • Nginx Web and Reverse proxy server, that can act as POP3 proxy server.
  • Ssh Secure Shell can be configured to proxify a connection, by setting up a SOCKS proxy on the client, and tunneling the traffic through the SSH connection.
  • CCProxy An all in one easy proxy server for windows, graphical interface and easy to configure. demo version supports 3 users at a time.
  • NetShade An anonymous proxy server management program and subscription-based proxy service for MacOS X.

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