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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Run Linux inside Windows anyone?

I found this article on digg website and hey did Linux and Windows just married???
This OS is called andLinux, it is a complete system of Ubuntu Linux that can run in Windows 2000 based system (2000, XP, 2003, Vista 32 bit). And yes this andLinux is free so we can happily run this inside our windows. This project was started for Dynamism for the GP2X community, but its userbase far exceeds its original design

This thing work just like VMware that i used to run Ubuntu 7.10 on my windows XP. The reason I used it instead of just making a partition on my hard disk is I still love my XP (playing games, games, and games). The different is this CoLinux run inside windows and not emulate just like VMware, Virtual PC. This making it more efficient (hope not eat much ram for it to run :D).

Some screenshot of andLinux


Start menu (KDE version) is in window`s tray menu

The XFCE Panel

Requirements to run this andLinux:

* OS: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista [32-bit only]
* Memory: at least 128 MB (192 MB or more is recommended)
* Hard disk space: 2.5 GB (XFCE version) / 4.5 GB (KDE version)
Note that you need an NTFS file system (which is default since Windows 2000) because you can't create files larger than 2 GB on FAT(32) file systems!
* A good internet connection (to be able to install further applications)
* Some basic Linux skills to proceed once andLinux is installed

You will get:

* a fully functional Linux system, however without the usual desktop (you've already got one from Windows)
* a second panel (e.g. at the top of your Windows desktop) or a second start menu (in the system tray next to the clock), from which you can start Linux applications
* Linux applications and Windows applications can be used simultaneously and you can cut and paste text between them
* apt / synaptic to install further applications

You will NOT get:

* another desktop
* the bench of applications that usually ship with Linux distributions (you have to fetch whatever you want)
* a printer driver
* trouble with further drivers (becouse you are in Windows dude... )

Source andLinux website


Anonymous said...

wah..menarik!thanks 4 this info..

nazri said...

bersamalah kita mengintegratekan linux ke dalam windows... hehe