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Monday, February 25, 2008

Malaysia hold the oldest age in the world

This is a big news everyone. I`m so proud to see that on "semakan online SPR" there were many people born in 1880 and still alive till 8 March 2008. At age of 128 years she still able to live and vote for BN. So i go and check at google oldest people (recorded) that still live till today, it was 112 years. should we tell them that in Malaysia there were man dan woman live more than 120 years??

more people that still live today dont belive me?? go to "semakan online SPR" then paste the number bellow. this offer expired till 8 march 2008.

801018775059, 800311086231, 811028045577, 830416610017, 841207065917, 851222740019, 850513106435, 851117106729, 850802106378, 850916086838, 860320145365

1 comment:

Zbo said...

are you kidding!? This is an amazing discoveries! we got the oldest people in world right under our nose! I'd say we should spread the word about this discoveries and who knows..maybe those people can get into the Guinness World Record book!! ahahaha