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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

TCP patch for vista

VistaTCPPatch, A vista utility to patch Windows Vista TCP connection half open outbound connection limit on Vista OS. It is a GUI based utility to patch remove the connection limit restriction placed by Microsoft on tcpip.sys in order to limit potential damage when the system is infected by malicious virus.

By applying this patch your uploading and downloading speed transfer will be optimized on Windows Vista. It will help stream P2PTV like TVants, PPStream and PPLive more smoothly and enchancing viewing movie or soccer match experience.

This patch is GUI (graphic user interface) version for tcpip.sys autopatcher batch script.


1. Run command prompt with administrator right
2. Enter the following command and then press Enter:
VistaTcpPatch /n X
where X is the new TCP connection limit that you want to use in Vista. For example, “VistaTcpPatch /n 512″ will set the concurrent outbound half open TCP connection limit to 512.
3. Restart computer.

Download : VistaTCPipPatch1.0.7.3

source: techmixer

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