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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DDR3 goes 2Ghz

When new memory come out to market, the clock speed of core and memory are getting higher. DDR-3 Memory rated DDR3-1333, DDR-3 1625 and it never stop increasing. That good for me but what about the heat generate from the high clock speed? does it need an extra fan :D or larger cooler like processor does? Now 'TEAM GROUP' have announced released a new speed that break 2GHz barrier. lol with 2GHz or more i think my processor (2.66Ghz) soon will be taken over by DDR-3.

This more 2Ghz memory modules rated as DDR-3 2133. All these DDR3 memories available under the Team Xtreem flag use custom heat spreaders to keep them cooler, increase reliability, and overclocking possibilities, as well as to make them more attractive to our eyes.

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