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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Buy a new wireless for home

Yesterday I went to lowyat plaza,KL to buy new wireless access point. Before this I used Linksys WAP11 (11Mb very old model ones) and the performance is quite good but it often disconnect when lot user enter it. Recently that Linksys got problem with its power adapter. That the main reason for upgrading new one which is Aztech DSL605EW, the good for this wireless+modem+router is, it have ADSL2/2+ Ready Wireless LAN 802.11g 4 Port Ethernet and a good security for both wired and wireless.

The web-based setup also very user friendly and I need to read a help instruction at below of the menu to configure. The security is provided via a double Stateful Packet Inspection and NAT based firewall and Hardware accelerated AES/WEP/WPA based encryption/MAC Address Filtering for Wireless links. VPN Passthrough and DMZ support provide additional security support for telecommuters as well as allow flexibility while maintaining security against malicious hackers.

I also configure a port triggering for my bittorrent application which is more simple than port forwarding. Port triggering is a specialized form of port fowarding it enables computers behind NAT to be accessed.

So I realy 'puas hati' and happy with this model and for the price RM17x. For home networking or SOHO you should get this..hehe.. anyway thanks for reading. see u next time

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Anonymous said...

I just bought the same model but it was at crawling speed when connected using the admin page with 2 desktop online at the same time.

But when connect directly, all ok lar. Apa problemnya?