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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Makcik PC for 'kampung' user

Mimos 'Makcik PC'

Mimos Bhd. showed a prototype version of a very cheap, slim, touch screen pc named 'Makcik PC' (why dont name uncle pc?) which aimed for user lived outside town areas. For me with the price tag RM500 - RM1000 it is the cheapest and slimmest pc yet i've ever seen. Makcik PC will hit the store at Q2 2008.

  • * Price expected less than USD$160
  • * Weight about 800gram
  • * Built in Flash memory
  • * Touch screen (no keyboard)
  • * 16 inch wide screen
  • * Easy accessible
  • * Equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, WiMax

Mimos CyberTablet

MIMOS is also working on a low-cost tablet PC called the CyberTablet that would cater to primary and secondary school students. The CyberTablet would mainly be used in education, especially the smart schools, to 'enhance' teaching and learning experience. Well from experience, anything that enters school usually ends up not being fun so I doubt the students will be enjoying a game of WOW or F.E.A.R with the CyberTablet should it come out and be implemented.

Its great to see that something is being developed here in order to reduce the digital divide though we'll just have to wait and see WHEN it will actually come out. And just in case you're wondering how much these devices will cost, well the MAK-CIK PC has an expected target retail price of less than US$160 while the CyberTablet should cost between US$160 to US$300.

So why wait longer? Grab it now.

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