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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Great site to update

Well now you can go updating your OS (windows) with the latest update and patch from microsoft. It will also keep software and drivers from other vendors updated. In order for site work, you have to use Mozilla Firefox 0.9.3, Netscape 4.0, Mozilla Firebird 0.7, Opera 5, or K-Meleon 0.9 Newer releases of these browsers are also suitable.

Link : WindizUpdate
To use this site, you'll need to install the free plugin.

The site have been established since January 2005.


izzAt3114 said...

oh... is it legal? because lately Microsoft already banned/close a site that also give Windows update. You know about autopacther? This also a site that give Windows update freely to public. But now,this site is close already as instructed by Microsoft. But if this site is legal, that is a good news..can u confirm that?

nazri said...

must say it illegal but the site still maintain since 2005. I know about autopatcher, but the founder created new tool, way to download and update their windows.