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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bypass OS boot up, HyperSpace

Imagine that you are in hurry in the mean time you bring your laptop in the hotspot area. You want to send an e-mail or instant messaging to your contact let say a short but important message. But the problem is as the OS like Windows got more complex, startup times also getting looonger up to 5 minutes or more to boot up before the you can use e-mail or IM.

Phoenix Technologies, the company that providing the BIOS(es) used by numerous motherboard manufacturers, now is planning a new system that can bypass Windows which knows as HyperSpace. Hyperspace is a simple OS that sits on top of the BIOS, that runs side-by-side with Windows. Apparently it can run most Windows software. Woody Hobbs, CEO Phoenix Technologies thinks it will mean that content providers will be able to create "instant-on" applications like media players, and PC system vendors will be able to embed purpose-built software into new computers.

The technology expected to start from end of next year which mean it's a looooongg way to go.

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