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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

RapidSeek .NET Pro 2007

Rapidseek .net Pro 2007 is a windows utilities like rapidshare search engine to search around entire file hosted on rapidshare.de | rapidshare.com . By using keyword searching features on Rapidseek .net pro 2007 application. You able track down the files that you want easier by entering related keywords. Beside that, The features like multi thread search files at one time will even save you time more.
RapidSeek Search Engine application

Meanwhile, You can preview the rapidshare file website each time without downloading the rapidshare files.

Key Features of Rapidseek Pro 2007:

* RapidSeek significantly cuts down the search time
* RapidSeek lets user copy the chosen link to clipboard for future use
* RapidSeek has a built in browser which lets user preview and/or start a
download without leaving the application

RapidSeek Pro 2007 is a .NET based application, which your computer require to have Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package.

Download RapidSeek .NET Pro 2007

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